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The Rome travel guide offers its visitors travel information about Rome, Italy. Rome is one of the most beautiful and popular travel destinations in the world and the Italian capital is filled with many historic landmarks and is the ideal travel destination.
The Rome travel guide has the latest and most informative Rome related travel information. Be sure to use our easy to use and free online Rome travel guide next time that you are planning a visit to Rome. We hope that you will have an unforgetable holiday!
Rome Attractions

Rome attractionsRome is a historic city filled with many excellent attractions for tourists and visitors to visit. During your visit to Rome be sure to visit places like the Vatican and the Colosseum.

The Rome travel guide has made a listing of Rome attractions that every visitor and tourist should visit.

Please make sure to visit the section in our online Rome travel guide on Rome attractions.

Rome Hotels

Rome hotelsThere are hundreds upon hundreds of Rome hotels to choose from. The great thing about choosing a hotel in Rome is that one can choose from both the basic but charming small 2 and 3 star Rome hotels and from the large well known hotel brands such as the Hilton.

If you are looking for a hotel in Rome then please do visit our Rome hotels page in our Rome travel guide for advise on where to stay whilst in Rome. If you have stayed at a Rome hotel that is not listed in our Rome hotels guide and you would like to recommend the hotel then please do let us know.

Rome Shopping

Rome shoppingShopping in Rome is a really unforgetable activity. All the major fashion houses have shops and boutiques in Rome so it is really a heaven for shoppers. Some other great Rome shopping venues are the excellent Rome markets and we have listed a number of these shopping markets in the Rome shopping section of our Rome travel guide.

Read all about shopping in Rome in our Rome shopping section. We hope that you find some real bargains whilst shopping in Rome!

Rome Restaurants

RestaurantsGoing dining in Rome is a remarkable experience. Who doesn't love Italian cuisine and what better place to sample this excellent cuisine then in the Italian capital?

If you are looking for some special Rome restaurants to visit during your next trip to Rome then please make sure to visit the Rome restaurants that are listed in our Rome travel guide.